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Interview - Mayor Given of Grande Prairie & Mayor Flewwelling of Red Deer Have you ever wondered who the two greenest Mayors in all of Canada are? From where we sit, we'd have to say Mayor Bill Given of Grande Prairie and Mayor Flewwelling of Red Deer. Both of these fantastic Mayors have been huge supporters of The GREEN GROUCH challenge. When we came up with the idea of converting the GREEN GROUCH concept into a Reality Television series, both of these Mayors generously agreed to let the GREEN GROUCH team interview them in a bid to help us use the video to try and convince television producers that it's a marketable idea. We simply can't thank these two fantastic Mayors enough. To hear their generous endorsement of our concept, click the link to the right. Watch Video
GREEN GROUCH - Evidence of Murder! Here's our latest GREEN GROUCH video, designed to give you a chuckle while spreading the word about the environmental harm done by paper cups. In this video, The GREEN GROUCH stomps in during an autopsy to report the "murder" of millions of trees. His revelation doesn't get the response he hoped for, as the medical examiners howl with laughter. We hope you'll get a chuckle too. But more importantly, we hope the message behind the chuckle gets through! Watch Video
GREEN GROUCH - Warning Label Campaign Please support our FACEBOOK Campaign for warning labels on paper cups! Just allow the FACEBOOK application access, include a comment and post to your wall. Allowing access simply means you're helping to spread the word to your friends.

The GREEN GROUCH team believes that there should be warning labels on paper cups informing the general public that they're made from at least 90% virgin pulp and that they're not recycled either. Did you know that more than 20 BILLION paper cups were used in North America in 2010? Check out our latest video about our campaign for warning labels on paper cups in Canada! We're hoping that people will call and/or email Canadian Environment Minister (Peter Kent) about our campaign. The more people that hear about it, the better, so please pass it on to your friends! Click here to send an email to the Canadian Environment minister, Peter Kent. Be sure to include your contact information, and please feel free to ammend the email as you see fit. It's actually best that you put the information in your own words, as a personally written email carries more weight. Click here to send an email to your friends about this campaign.
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Paul McCartney's Meat Free Monday (Studio Version) Here's a studio version of Paul McCartney's Meat Free Monday song. Why not organize a meat free Monday at your place of work? You could play this funky little song while you and your co-workers chomp on some yummy veggie burgers! We're not suggesting that you should become a vegetarian. It's just a good idea to cut back a bit on meat. Did you know that beef, in particular, is one of the greatest causes of climate change? Check out this little ditty from Paul McCartney, the man with more number one hits than anybody else in the history of pop music! Watch Video
What a Difference a Day Makes This is a fantastic British video that makes an extremely powerful point about how much difference we can make by eliminating meat only once per week. With famine appearing again in Africa, this video is more relevant than ever! Watch Video
Meatless Monday at Yale Several students at Yale University make some excellent points about why they have decided to support Meatless Mondays. Watch Video
Brita Water Filter Ad It's easy to think that making small changes doesn't make an impact. But, this short, snappy Brita ad does a great job of showing how much of an impact your actions do make! Watch Video
Checking Tire Pressure & Wear This is a very short video that talks about how to make sure your tires are properly inflated, and what the thickness of the tire tread should be. Watch Video
More Packaging Than Product! This short video was entered into the World one minute green film competition in 2007. Notice that at the end you see that the little girl is left with more packaging than toy product! Are the manufactures of this toy using such a large package to make it look like you're getting more than you really are? Is all this packaging necessary, or is it completely ridiculous? Watch Video
Guilt Free Bottled Water For those that want the convenience of bottled water, without guilt, check out the Filtrete water station by 3M. Watch Video
The Great Pacific Garbage Patch Check out this short segment from Good Morning America. It is really unbelievable! But, unfortunately, it's true. It will make you really think very long and hard about plastic. This video is a must see for anyone not fully convinced we have to start changing how we look after our planet! Watch Video
Paul McCartney - Meat Free Monday (Acoustic) This is a song that Paul McCartney wrote to support Meat Free Mondays. On June 15, 2009 Paul McCartney and his daughters Stella and Mary launched a Meat-free Monday campaign with an official website. In December 2009 Meatless Mondays launched in Australia. Meat Free Mondays has the support of many celebrities, inluding Yoko Ono. In this video, he does an impromptu acoustic version for a few friends, and talks about the campaign. Watch Video
Green Design and Innovations If you live in Canada, we hope you are thankful for having fresh water. Here's a short video snippet showing some fascinating environmental innovations. The first one is a clever water filtration system that uses a bicycle that filters the water while it's being transported! While water may seem abundant in Canada, we really do need to start thinking about conservation. The era of unlimited fresh water will not last forever! Watch Video
6.5 Million Trees in the Garbage Here's a short and snappy video that really illustrates what the GREEN GROUCH team has been saying all along: North Americans are using way too many disposable paper cups! This video has slightly different numbers than what we've been reporting. Our sources say 20 BILLION paper cups are used each year, with 7.5 million trees needed to produce them. We've actually seen figures as high as 23 BILLION cups being used (in 2010). Any way you look at it, we really do have to start making changes! Watch Video
For the Price of a Cup of Coffee Here's a thirty second trailer for an award winning environmental documentary called FOR THE PRICE OF A CUP OF COFFEE. It's another little video that, we hope, will make you try a little harder to bring your own reusable coffee cup with you more often!

Please support our FACEBOOK Campaign for warning labels on paper cups! Just allow the FACEBOOK application access, include a comment and post to your wall. Allowing access simply means you're helping to spread the word to your friends.
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Geothermal Heating and Cooling This video is a little bit longer, at almost six minutes. However, it's gives an excellent overview of geothermal heating and cooling, the benefits, costs, etc. It's well worth the six minutes you'll spend, especially if you've been considering a geothermal system. Watch Video
Solar Roadways - The Prototype This is one of the most fascinating videos we have on this page! It shows a prototype of a new roadway system that incorporates solar panels. Why use asphalt, when it uses up our limited supply of fossil fuels? Instead, this prototype shows the road of the future where the road contains solar cells to help generate energy. This is an absolutely BRILLIANT idea, because the highways provide the much needed space for the solar cells! Watch Video
Meat Free Mondays - Press Conference This video is a news clip from Paul McCartney's launch of Meat Free Mondays. It features Paul McCartney himself, along with Yoko Ono, and Kelly Osbourne (daughter of Ozzy Osbourne). Watch Video
Bring Your Own Mug Although the facts seem to be quite exaggerated, this is a very well produced video that clearly shows the impact the coffee industry has on the environment. Whereas the research done by the GREEN GROUCH team indicates about 20 BILLION paper coffee cups are used in North America each year, this video claims a much higher number, at over 130 Billion. It also quotes 50 million trees being cut down to make coffee cups, where our research yielded a much lower figure of 7.5 million cups. Either way, this is a fascinating video!

Please support our FACEBOOK Campaign for warning labels on paper cups! Just allow the FACEBOOK application access, include a comment and post to your wall. Allowing access simply means you're helping to spread the word to your friends.
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Coffee Paper Cups Waste Here's a very short and snappy video that gives some great facts about how many paper cups are used in North America. The figures in this video are very close to those quote by the GREEN GROUCH team on this website. This video has a cool snappy & jazzy soundtrack!

Please support our FACEBOOK Campaign for warning labels on paper cups! Just allow the FACEBOOK application access, include a comment and post to your wall. Allowing access simply means you're helping to spread the word to your friends.
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Disposable Coffee Cups Cannot be Recycled Most people don't know that the polyethelene coating on paper cups prevents them from being recycled! The coating is necessary to prevent the coffee from leaking out of the cup. Also, coffee cups are made with at least 90% virgin pulp, which means we're hacking down trees by the MILLIONS to create paper cups. It is truly ridiculous when you think about it - we cut down millions of trees to produce paper cups so we can drink one cup of coffee, and then toss the cup in the garbage to clog up our landfills! This short video is very informative!

Please support our FACEBOOK Campaign for warning labels on paper cups! Just allow the FACEBOOK application access, include a comment and post to your wall. Allowing access simply means you're helping to spread the word to your friends.
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All the Presidents' Heads Here's a clever little video that uses the heads and voices of past USA presidents to comment on some of the environmental initiatives made during their term. It was filmed at Presidents' Park in South Dakota. Very clever! Watch Video
Plastic Waste is Choking the Life Out of Earth The only city in the USA (at the time of posting this video) to ban plastic bags is San Francisco. This video gives a very good world view of the impact of plactic bags. It will make you want to try harder to make sure you bring your own bag with you! Watch Video
Fuel Saving Tips - Tire Pressure Here's another video about tire pressure. This video is great for emphasizing the fact that you shouldn't just wait for the electronic sensor in your car to tell you when your tires are low. By the time the electronic sensor detects it, your tires are SEVERELY underinflated! You should check your tires every time you get gas. If you do it while your car is filling up, it won't even take any extra time. For those of you that think that just checking your electronic sensor is good enough for the GREEN GROUCH weekly checklist, think again. It only counts if you manually check your tire pressure! Anyway, this is a very good video about tire pressure and fuel consumption. Watch Video
The Sad Life of a Plastic Bag This is a very short well produced video that illustrates the sad (but very long) life of a plastic bag. Did you know that every bit of plastic ever produced still exists (except for a small amount that has been incinerated, causing toxic pollution)? Hopefully, this will make you want to carry your own cloth bag! Watch Video
Say no to Bottled Water This video makes an extremely compelling case to avoid bottled water! It is full of lots of facts and figures, some of which will surprise you. One of the interesting claims this video makes is that plastic bottles left in your car can release fumes that cause cancer! It's a very informative and compelling video. Watch Video
Rethink Rubbish This British made video talks about the impact of packaging on our world, and how the consumer can make change happen. If we don't buy over packaged products, stores would VERY QUICKLY reduce the amount of packaging. It really is up to the consumer. If you refer more people to the GREEN GROUCH website and more people starting making more environmentally friendly choices, retailers WILL CHANGE! Watch Video
Water Keeper Alliance in 90 Seconds According to a recent global survey (likely commissioned by the Water Keeper Alliance), fresh water is the biggest environmental concern of people around the globe. Regardless of any potential for bias in their survey, there is no doubt that water supplies around the world are becoming polluted. If you're over 40, you can probably remember a time when you would drink water out of a river without hesitating. Nowadays, hardly anybody would do so. How times have changed! Here's a short promotional video for the Water Keeper Alliance, a worthwhile environmental group formed in 1999, with Robert Kennedy Jr. serving as the current President. Watch Video
Eco Elvis! Elvis really is alive, and he's gone green! Here's a highly entertaining little video about Eco Elvis. It focuses somewhat on how to have a green Christmas (for those who celebrate it), with some fantastic green tips. For example, today we're far too afraid of having to clean up dishes, so we end up using paper (or styrofoam) plates way too often. In this video Elvis reminds us of a time when people bonded while doing dishes after a nice dinner. There's an old saying 'MANY HANDS MAKE LIGHT WORK.' Maybe it's time to turn back the clock a bit. Anway, enjoy this video. ELVIS SINGS! Watch Video
Three Wise Men of Missouri This is a fascinating look at a museum in St. Louis, Missouri that's full of items that would have been discarded otherwise. While maybe we can't find new life for all things, this video will, hopefully, inspire people to be a bit more creative. When we can't reduce or resuse items, THEN we should think of recycling. Always remember that REDUCE, REUSE, RECYCLE was meant as a hierarchy. Enjoy! Watch Video
Honda's Environmental Innovation Here's a short promotional video from Honda. The GREEN GROUCH team believes in helping out other organizations and companies, where possible, all in the name of a better planet. We're always happy to promote green innovations and green deeds of corporations, instead of simply dwelling on the negative. We hope some other organizations return the favour by linking to the GREEN GROUCH website! Watch Video
Flotender Grey Water System Have you heard of Grey Water systems? They're a way of cutting back on your water usage by reusing some of your water, like bath or laundry water for other purposes, like flusing the toilet or landscape irrigation. It's the wave of the future! Watch Video
Bag the Bags In this video, actor Edward Norton talks about plastic bags and the growing number of cities and countries that are banning them worldwide. Edward Norton is one of the best known celebrity environmentalists. Watch Video
Plastic Bags - Just Say No! (Music: Simon & Garfunkel's SCARBOROUGH FAIR) Set to the tune of Simon & Garfunkel's 'Scarborough Fair', this video gives some great information about the damage done by plastic bags. The juxtaposition of this beautiful song and the destruction of our planet is striking. The arrangement of this classic twentieth song is breathtaking in its beauty! Watch Video
Over Consumpulation While this video might be a bit extreme in its views, it really does make you think about how we're over-using our limited resources. This video suggests that we need to cut the world population down to about two billion people as soon as possible. They even coin a new term here, 'OVER CONSUMPULATION.' Extreme view, but very interesting video! Watch Video
Coffee Cup Consumption Demonstration In this video, a couple of college girls have set up a demonstration to show us what 365 coffee cups look like, for those people who purchase coffee in a reusable cup every day. They also do a good job explaining the cost savings of carrying your own reusable cup, and educate us on the fact that paper coffee cups aren't recyclable because of the coating on them. I'm sure their YouTube views will be helped by the fact that they're both cute as a button!

Please support our FACEBOOK Campaign for warning labels on paper cups! Just allow the FACEBOOK application access, include a comment and post to your wall. Allowing access simply means you're helping to spread the word to your friends.
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Coffee Cup Tree This is another video made on a school campus. Students have created a 'COFFEE CUP TREE,' consisting of a basic structure that they encourage other students to hang their coffee cups on. Later on, they put up a sign to educate students that coffee cups are NOT RECYCLABLE! Note the point that they make at the end - that people connect with a message more when they have participated in it in some way. This an absolutely FANTASTIC idea and one that we hope people will copy around the world!

Please support our FACEBOOK Campaign for warning labels on paper cups! Just allow the FACEBOOK application access, include a comment and post to your wall. Allowing access simply means you're helping to spread the word to your friends.
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John Lennon - Overpopulation Myth This video features John Lennon and Yoko Ono on the Dick Cavett show (date unknown), talking about overpopulation. Here, they both state that they don't believe overpopulation is a problem. Instead, they both state that they believe that distribution of food is the real problem, not overpopulation. I'm sure if Lennon was alive today, he might have reconsidered his opinion, especially in regards to how we're polluting the earth. As far as food distribution is concerned, he was probably right. But, our population as it relates to pollution is another matter. For her part, Yoko Ono, has recently supported Paul McCartney's Meat Free Monday campaign. See the Meat Free Monday press conference on this page (above). Watch Video
Food: There's Lots of it John Lennon's opinion is validated in this video about overpopulation and food distribution. It talks about the same things that Lennon did, and how wars contribute greatly to world starvation. But, when discussing overpopulation, and whether it's a myth or not, food distribution is only part of the equation. The really big factor is the usage of other resources, and pollution of our ecosystem! Watch Video
Population Growth The population of earth will hit SEVEN BILLION people sometime in October of 2011. There will be a lot of talk about this on the news in the coming weeks! This video is a good primer for you on a topic that you are about to hear a lot about! Watch Video
7 Billion, National Geographic Magazine This is an absolutely spellbinding video about a world with SEVEN BILLION people! It shows how quickly we've grown from one billion to SEVEN BILLION, and what's likely ahead in the future. We can practically guarantee you're about to hear a lot about the earth's population in the weeks and months ahead! Watch Video
World Population This video does an unbelievably good job of showing how quickly the world's population has grown! In one segment, they have a clock that starts in Roman times and counts forward to our time today, and into the future. On the accompanying world map, world population growth is displayed with white dots. As the clock enters the 18th and 19th centuries, the pace of growth is staggering, and seeing it charted on the world map almost takes your breath away! This is definitely a must see video - VERY ILLUMINATING! Watch Video
A Song For The Environment
'Shallow Waters'
(Ta'Kaiya Blaney)
The world really needs a song for the environment! Ta'Kaiya Blaney, a little girl from B.C. has released her song for the planet called 'Shallow Waters.' She's an adorable little girl and we really do applaud her efforts.

Unfortunately, we think she's a bit misguided. The problem with our environment isn't oil companies and pipelines. The problem is our increasing demand for oil because we aren't doing enough to curb our consumption. Oil companies are only providing what we're demanding. The solution isn't to attack the oil companies, it's to change our own behavior. Governments and environmentalists are missing the best solution possible to fix our planet - The GREEN GROUCH - we wish her and her teacher would write and record a song for The GREEN GROUCH!
Watch Video

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